What is Bladeless Fan?

When you were young there were many times when you felt frustrated, with the loud creaking noise that came from your old ceiling fan. But technology and design updates have created a silent revolution in the ceiling fan industry with the development of a bladeless ceiling fan. Most common home owners first react in disbelief that a ceiling fan can exist without long blades and still give its users cool breeze.

What is the revolutionary concept behind these ceiling fans without blades?

The design of a traditional ceiling fan has not changed for more than hundred years. These traditional ceiling fans use the basic principle of blowing the air in the room straight down. When you walk into the room enjoying a Bladeless Ceiling Fan, you would notice it. You might get the impression that a small AC is on somewhere in the room. But a bladeless fan which is attached on the ceiling has a different design and works silently and is based on vortex technology of air flow. Dyson the inventor of these bladeless fans called the Air Multiplier used the following process which is –

  •  Bladeless ceiling fans have a ring and the base of this fan draws the air up and into the bladeless fan ring.
  •  It has been estimated that the air flow in these bladeless fans used in the ceilings are more powerful than the traditional ceiling fans.

Why are these bladeless fans so popular among consumers?

The popularity and growth of ceiling fans which are bladeless is because of its few great features. These are:

  •  Bladeless fans are better in controlling the temperature of the room

Unlike traditional fans, bladeless ceiling fan distribute the cool air in the room of its owner much better. Air in the room is swept into the base of these bladeless fans and then distributed in the room in a homogenizing manner. When you use these fans, the entire room would enjoy its cool breeze and there would not be any cold or hot spots in the room.

  •  These ceiling fans which do not use blades are very energy efficient

Most home owners are constantly increasing the number of these Bladeless Ceiling Fan and positioning them in their room ceiling. This is because these fans have great energy saving features and use minimum electricity. Thus these homeowners enjoy great fuel efficiency and have save money in their monthly electric bill too.

  •  These bladeless ceiling fans are easy to mount

When you buy a bladeless fan in your home, it is very easy to mount them. You would not require ant specialized electric technical personnel for this. In most cases these fans can be installed with the help of a user manual and you do not have to fear that they would fall upon you like traditional fans.

  •  Bladeless ceiling fans are attractive and come in various colors

One of the reasons for its popularity is the fact that bladeless fans make your room look very attractive with their designs and bright colors. Thus ordinary home owners use these bladeless fans in their ceiling, according to the color schemes and the design they want.

  •  Durability is the key element of these bladeless fans

When you invest in a bladeless fan, you need feel apprehensive about its durability. Many owners of these bladeless fans can vouch for their reliable features. Once you make an investment in them, you would not have to buy ceiling fans for years.

With the summer seasons around the corner, invest in a Bladeless Ceiling Fan for your home and bring in the cool comfort in your home, without an AC. Research well and choose one which suits your budget and taste. This investment would make you happy in the coming years.

The technology in which vortex airflow is used to regulate the temperature of a room is the foundation of the idea behind bladeless ceiling fans. This technology enables you to mount a fan without requiring a large space. Gone are the days when you had to mind your head when walking below a ceiling fan that was mounted on a low ceiling. Even if you bumped your head on the fun, it would not be as catastrophic as keeping your head so close to a fan with blades.